Avalon Code
Away - Shuffle Dungeon
Bleach - Dark Souls
Bleach - The Blade of Fate
Disgaea DS [Zeblog]
Dynasty Warriors DS - Fighter's Battle
Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates [Kotoba]
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy IV [KLV]
Fullmetal Alchemist - Dual Sympathy
Kira Kira Pop Princess
Luminous Arc
Lunar Knights [iND]
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
MegaMan Star Force 2 - Zerker x Ninja
MegaMan Star Force 2 - Zerker x Saurian
MegaMan ZX Advent [Partial]
Naruto - Path of the Ninja 2
Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure [kenni-shin] [repack]
Rhythm Heaven [Caede]
Rondo of Swords [Lyser]
Rune Factory - A Fantasy Harvest Moon
Rune Factory 2 - A Fantasy Harvest Moon
Shin Chan Flipa en Colores
Suikoden Tierkreis
Suikoden Tierkreis [Europe]
Suikoden Tierkreis [Proper]
Summon Night - Twin Age [Lyser]
The World Ends with You [Lyser]
Time Hollow [Europe]
Time Hollow [kenni-shin] [repack]
Trauma Center - Under The Knife
Trauma Center - Under The Knife 2